Remote Starters & Alarm Systems

We use Compustar products as they come with a lifetime warranty. Click here to view the types of units we typically use. Our installs are guaranteed for the life of the car. Yes, we can do these:

  • Push button start BMWs
  • Non push button start BMWs with electronic ignition
  • Range Rovers & Land Rovers
  • Porsches & Jaguars
  • Audis & Volkswagens
  • Smartkey Mercedes

We’re just saying that we have done many high end German cars that no one else seems willing to try. The point is, there is no car we will not do, but we are not limited to automobiles. If it has wires, we can put it into any 12-volt system.

  • Quad alarms
  • Trailer alarms
    • RV
    • Open trailer
    • Flatbed
  • Motorbike alarms with perimeter sensor
  • Boat alarms with perimeter sensor

Remote Starter Types


You press the start button on a 1-way remote and hope it works. Or, if you have your eye on your vehicle, you can see the park lights flashing. This indicates that the starter brain in your car received the signal from the remote and will start up.


Select CompuStar and CompuStar Pro systems offer 2 Way paging capability. This feature provides you with audible and visual notifications if your alarm is triggered. Some 2 Way systems will even show you which zone is triggered right on your remote up to two kilometers away.

All CompuStar alarm systems come with a dual stage Compushock sensor. This sensor will detect impact to your car such as a window being smashed. With CompuStar alarms you have the choice of adding dozens of additional sensors.

After you press the start button on a 2-way remote and wait a few moments, it beeps to tell you the starter brain in the vehicle received the signal. After a few moments, you will be alerted by another sequence of beeps that your vehicle has started. The screen on the remote will be animated with exhaust coming out of the picture of the car as well.

Why Buy an Alarm?

Your vehicle is an exceptionally valuable investment. Alarms and remote starters have multiple features to help protect your investment.

All alarms also come with a super bright blue LED. This LED flashes when your car is armed and locked. Security systems also come with optional starter disable that prevents thieves from starting your car. In the event of an alarm trigger we offer a six tone siren as well as optional horn honk.

Car theft is a global problem; however the rate of cars stolen in Canada is among the highest in the world. According to Statistics Canada, a car is stolen every three minutes, averaging about 400 cars a day.

Whether you drive an economy or a luxury car, it can be a target. According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada’s statistics for 2007, the top five most stolen cars in Canada were:

  1. Honda Civic
  2. Subaru Impreza
  3. Acura Integra
  4. Dodge Grand Caravan
  5. Plymouth Voyager
  6. Ford F-series pickups

Economy cars are prominently among the highest stolen vehicles in Canada, outnumbering luxury brands, perhaps due to high resale value for parts.

The following is a list of cities in Canada with the highest rates of car theft per 100,000 population (Statistics Canada, 2007):

  1. Winnipeg MB 1,932
  2. Abbotsford BC 1,155
  3. Edmonton AB 1,076
  4. Regina SK 1,008
  5. Vancouver BC 745

It is shockingly easy to steal a motorbike or quad. Just pick it up and throw it in the back of a truck, right? Likewise with a trailer; anyone with a trailer hitch can walk up and take it. Protect your investment with a perimeter sensor alarm.


Range is important. This determines the maximum allowable distance you can be from your car before your starter will not work or your two-way alarm will not page you. Car starter companies rate these products outside the city in optimal conditions. Once inside a city, behind other vehicles, or even inside buildings such like apartments, offices, shops, or schools, the range of a car starter can diminish very quickly. The maximum range Compustar unit will work all the way through West Edmonton Mall, but the shortest range will work if your vehicle is parked right outside your door.