Custom LED and Emergency Vehicle Lighting

Whether you need roof-mounted beacons for a fleet of construction vehicles, a complete lighting solution for an emergency response vehicle, or just want lights that can be clearly seen in harsh weather conditions without vehicle modifications, Wizard is pleased to offer over 40 different kinds of LEDs.

Who benefits?

Wizard’s LEDs and control panels can be used in a wide variety of vehicles including:

  • road construction vehicles
  • general construction vehicles
  • emergency services vehicles (fire, ambulance)
  • emergency response vehicles (police)
  • stealth police cars
  • wide load trucks
  • pilot trucks
  • tow trucks
  • recreational vehicles (quads, trikes, etc.)


Here are but a few of the lights Wizard can install on any vehicle. Simply click any of the images below for a larger view.

Avatar Light Bar
These slimline LED light bars stand at an inch tall and feature 4-Watt LEDs in each module, providing intense lighting in a stealth platform.

Cannon Hideaway
With 12 intense LEDs, the Cannon is the brightest hideaway on the market. The Cannon also has 3 mode functionality.

Cobra Mini
These fiercely-bright light bars are just one inch tall and feature over 40 flash patterns.

These work lights, which are available in many different sizes, provide cost-effective and highly-customizable LED spot and flood lighting.

Get started!

Send an email or call Ryan at (780) 819-7926 today.

Be sure to ask about custom-configured control panels that will allow you (or your staff) to operate signal lights for any application, and increase the visibility and longevity of the signal and park lights of almost any vehicle.