Wizard’s love affair with cars began in the early 90s, when he took a VW Scirocco and modified it beyond all recognition:  synchromesh tranny, custom interior & dash, interchangeable supercharger and turbocharger setups.  It was never dynoed but it sure annoyed a lot of people with more expensive cars.

Wizard took a break from cars and moved to Toronto in the late 90s, where he spun turntables at night clubs, and was invited to Scotland’s Ice Factory with a host of other DJs.  Upon his return in 2000 he broadened his area of expertise to include vehicle electronics.  He worked with an independent shop for six years until he became completely fearless and willing to challenge any vehicle type, no matter how many dealers said what he was attempting was impossible.  The head tech of Range Rover Canada is still scratching his head.  Wizard was the first person to install a starter in an LR2 and the first push-button start BMW 3-Series to come to Edmonton.  Now, there are bypasses that you can purchase to make this easier, but at the time, he broke boundaries.

Wizard’s shop is located in West Edmonton but he offers mobile installations depending on the size of the job.